Homeowners Associations, Property Management Groups, Condos and Apartments Complexes:

A Plus Power Cleaning has a long list of Home Owners Associations, Property Management Groups, Condos and Apartments Complexes as our regular and repeated customers.
We are very familiar in the standards required and the desired results. We have the high limits of insurance that you may require and will do our best to give you a great experience and keep you as a long term customer.
We are known and highly recommended as the best and most flexible power washing company in Atlanta. We are happy to customize a proposal that fits your specific needs.
A Plus Power Cleaning understands that in some cases, your community association will need more done than what is in your immediate budget. Our answer is to have us give you discounted pricing on all cleaning that you may need in the next couple years. This way you can order the services as needed, all while benefiting from our bulk discounted pricing.
Here are some of our most popular services: Pressure washing of building, concrete driveways, sidewalks, porches, curbing, and wood decks and fences. Also often requested are deck and fence sealing, gutter cleaning, and hand detailed cleaning of the interior and exterior window. Call today for a free quote and be sure to take us up on free sample spot demonstrations at your location.

Commercial Sidewalk Washing:

The sidewalk of your business plays a huge part on the so well discussed, first impression. You don’t want your customers coming to your business stepping on gums residue, dirt or even worried about slippery mildew or algae covered surfaces. Keeping your business sidewalk clean can be cheap and will definitely bring you more customers.
We have customized maintenance plans for business that will on the same time save you money and bring you more business.
Our Commercial and Industrial Sidewalk Cleaning methods begin with application of a commercial concrete cleaning and brightening solution. Our big, trailer/truck mounted pressure washers heat the water temperature to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see the steam coming off the ground as we are cleaning. That heat help us to easily peel off gum residues and other stains. We follow the hot water pressure washing with a cold water rinse. We always protect the structural integrity of any surface we clean. There will be no gouging or chipping to the concrete.

Pool Decks:

Pool decks is one of the highest traffic areas of a club house or community and on the same time can be easily neglected do to its “clean look”.
Do to its constant moister, Mold and algae grows fast and it not only look bad, they are extremely slippery as well.
Our procedures of Pool Deck Cleaning includes environmental safe cleaning detergents and a hot water with surface cleaning machine which prevent of most of the dirty water coming inside your pool. In most cases we are able do prevent 100% even though if some sneaks in, won’t be harmful. After the surface cleaner, we rinse it from the pool edge out.
As we clean we pay close attention to areas such as cracks, loosed grout, broken tiles or stone and make sure to clean without make those damages more evident or worst.
Pool Deck is recommended to be cleaned every 8 – 12 months, depending on the volume of traffic it should be done twice a year.